School Of Financial Management Studies

Formerly the School of Business and Communication Studies was merged with the School of Financial Management Studies and then referred to as School of Financial Management, Business and Communication Studies (SFMBCS).  But thanks for the Management of this great citadel of learning for making the School a substantive one.

Besides, the School of Business and Communication Studies of The Polytechnic, Saki comprises the underlisted Departments:

  1. General Studies
  2. Local Government and Development Studies
  3. Business Administration
  4. Public Administration

The aforementioned Departments can best be described as the live wire of the institution considering their contributions to the continuous existence of the institution both academically and economically.  Apart from this fact, the School can boast of seasoned academic and research oriented people that have excelled in their various areas of specialisations.  It is not gainsaying to state that the School is the bedrock of sports activities and students unionism on Campus.  This can be tested from the number of times our students had won various types of trophies apart from the contribution of individual students to the institution at large.

The School can also boast of a befitting Computer Laboratory that is solely put in place for students’ practicals on ICT.  Not only this, our School is provided with a befitting Administrative block, a spacious and well equipped conference room which can host international conference.

Hierarchically, the following officers see to the smooth running of the day to day activities of the Schools – Dean, School Officer, Heads of various departments and other Teaching and Non-Teaching staff.